University Heights City Council meeting highlights [11-7-11]

NOVEMBER 7, 2011

  • Employee insurance
  • TIGER grant
  • Repairs to Fenwick Road
  • Repaving of Taylor Road
  • Employee residency requirements
  • R.I.T.A. tax forms
  • Prisoner care charges
  • Tree trimming

All council members were present.

Employee insurance

Harry Brownfield of Fedeli Group reported that United Healthcare again won the bid to provide health insurance for city employees, with a 5.2 percent reduction in the cost of the premium. City employees have agreed to increase their deductible to $500, increase their coinsurance and multiple co-pays, and to pay 6 percent of the premium cost for medical and dental coverage. Their premium cost will increase to 7 percent in year two and 9 percent  in year three of the contract. Without these changes, the cost of the premium would have increased 18 percent. Council authorized a one-year renewal with United Healthcare.

TIGER grant

Howard Thompson, economic development director of Cleveland Heights, presented Cleveland Heights’s application to the U.S. Department of Transportation for a TIGER grant (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery). Cleveland Heights is applying for $12 million for major improvement projects in three neighborhoods: Noble/Nela, Cedar/Taylor, and Cedar/Lee. TIGER grants require 20 percent in matching funds. East Cleveland has received $1.75 million from the county for improvements at Noble/Nela, which will be used for a major portion of the matching funds. Thompson is seeking letters of support from surrounding cities, organizations, and community leaders. Council authorized a letter of support for the City of Cleveland Heights TIGER grant application.

Repairs to Fenwick Road

Council approved an agreement with Noce Enterprises Inc. for emergency repairs to Fenwick Road. The water lines have been replaced after a major water line break in July, and now the street needs to be repaired before winter. Mayor Susan Infield and City Engineer Joe Ciuni discussed the severity of the damage and cost of repairs with the City of Cleveland Division of Water. The water division agreed to pay $30,000 of the total cost of $59,890 to replace fifty feet of the street and two driveway aprons and to pave the entire street. Noce will begin work in one week and complete it within thirty days.

Repaving of Taylor Road

Council authorized payment of $26,448.20 to the City of Cleveland Heights for University Heights’s portion of the repaving of Taylor Road. The original bid was $44,000 but there was much less damage to the base than was anticipated.

Employee residency requirements

Ordinances were presented on first reading to require members of the Division of Police and the Division of Fire to reside within Cuyahoga County or an adjacent county. A recent Supreme Court ruling created a change in residency requirements. Previously, residency within 25 miles of city hall was required, but that had been struck down, leaving no residency requirement.

R.I.T.A. tax forms

Finance Director Esarey announced that R.I.T.A. will discontinue mailing tax forms and will mail postcards only. Forms will be available online, or residents can print them out at city hall.

Prisoner care charges

Police Chief Steven Hammett announced there will be no charges to the city for prisoner care, saving $15,000 from the 2011 budget.

Tree trimming

Service Director Rob Jamieson announced that tree trimming has begun on Bushnell Road and will then move to Saybroo Roadk.

LWV observer: Wendy Deuring.

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