University Heights City Council meeting highlights [10-17-11]

OCTOBER 17, 2011

  • Paper shredding and waste collection
  • Combining fire services
  • McDonalds
  • City Hall carpet
  • Senior transportation
  • Refuse collection scooter
  • Tree service
  • Fenwick road
  • Det. Lt. Edward Schmidt
  • Council opposition to tax collection proposal
  • 1991 fire engine
  • Silsby house
  • Anti-poaching agreement
  • 2010 State Audit 

Council Members Frank Consolo, Kevin Patrick Murphy were excused.

Paper shredding and waste collection

Mayor Susan Infield announced that the city will hold another paper shredding and hazardous waste collection during the first weekend in November.

Combining fire services

Mayor Infield announced that a study is being conducted to look at the possibility of combining fire services for several communities.


McDonalds has begun construction and expects to be operational by the holidays.

City Hall carpet

Council authorized an agreement with Marshall Carpet for installation of carpet at City Hall at a cost of $7,998.82. When Marshall’s realized that their founder was a long-time safety director for University Heights, the company offered the city its “friends and family discount” to lower the price.

Senior transportation

Council authorized the mayor to enter into a six-month contract with Senior Transportation to provide transportation services to senior and disabled residents of University Heights.

Refuse collection scooter

Council approved the purchase of a new refuse collection scooter from Bortnick Tractor Sales at a cost not to exceed $14,200. Scooter #206 is being used for spare parts. Funding for the scooter will come from $10,000 budgeted in the sanitation fund for new equipment plus other categories that are under budget for the year.

Tree service

Council approved a contract with Tree Service Now Inc. to trim trees along Bushnell Road for $6,750, and other locations for an addition cost of $6,950. Other tree-trimming projects are less than $5,000 and so do not require council authorization. Tree services in neighboring communities are available to help in emergencies.

Fenwick Road

Council authorized the city engineer to request bids for replacement of Fenwick Road between Faversham and Grenville roads because of extensive water damage due to an underground leak. The Cleveland Water Department said they were only responsible for damage that was downstream from the leak, but the damage extends upstream as well. While the water department disputes the claim, the street has to be replaced. Water main repairs are complete.

Det. Lt. Edward Schmidt

Council honored police Det. Lt. Edward Schmidt upon his retirement after 33 years of service. Officer Schmidt played an integral role in investigating the sexual abuse case at Wiley Middle School.

Council opposition to tax collection proposal

Council approved a resolution opposing a state-operated program for the central collection of municipal income taxes. Ohio’s lieutenant governor is proposing moving all local tax collection to the state instead of the various regional collection agencies such as R.I.T.A.

1991 fire engine

Council authorized the fire chief to donate the 1991 Pierce Fire Engine to the Cuyahoga Community College (CCC) for training purposes. CCC will also provide up to $10,000 worth of ongoing training to University Heights’s firemen.

Silsby house

Council declared the house at 3578 Silsby Road a public nuisance. The house has been cited repeatedly and multiple legal actions attempted. The residents have been taken into protective custody, and the house will be turned over to the County Land Bank, which is expected to demolish it.

Anti-poaching agreement

Council supported the Cuyahoga County Executive’s “anti-poaching” agreement. The city agreed to not offer incentives to companies to move. The “richer” cities are reportedly expressing reluctance to sign the agreement.

2010 State Audit

Finance Director Esarey announced that the 2010 State Financial Audit was complete and University Heights received a clean report.

LWV observer: Wendy Deuring.

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