Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library Board meeting highlights [10-17-11]

October 17, 2011

  • Personnel changes
  • Noble Library exterior renovations
  • Security issues
  • Public Service Report highlights

President Audrey Cole was absent.

Personnel changes

Three long-time staff members will retire in the next two months: Leola Capers, Coventry Village Library circulation supervisor, who was with the library since 1980; Nancy Jamieson, technical services assistant, who was with the library since 1989; and Darla Arnold, graphics coordinator, who was with the library for 24 years.

Shamekia Chandler, part-time children's services associate, has resigned to join the International Foundation for Education and Self Help and will teach English in Ethiopia for a year. Chandler won the Virginia Hamilton and Arnold Adoff Creative Outreach Grant for Teachers and Librarians for her program “Cinderella around the Globe,” held May 19 at the Lee Road Library.

The board appointed Kimberlee DeNero-Ackroyd deputy director with an annual salary of $63,000. She received her information science degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 1995 and her most recent position has been branch manager for the Willougby-Eastlake Library System. She is currently on the Public Library Association’s 2012 Conference Programming Committee.

Noble Neighborhood Library exterior renovations

Damage to the Noble Neighborhood Library occurred when flashing wasn’t installed before a recent rain. Repairs to plaster, etc. will be made at no cost to the library.

Security issues

Security Supervisor B.J. Loggins reported that an added guard will be at Noble Neighborhood Library until closing. There are seven guards, including one woman. Responding to Board Member James Roosa’s question, Loggins noted that the teens and tweens were the patrons presenting the most problems, but added that these were not the police blotter kids. He spoke of good rapport with the current police chief although there have been problems getting the blinking crosswalk light in front of the Lee Road Library working properly.

The kids present in the library in the morning may be truant, but Director Nancy Levin explained that under the Library Bill of Rights, staff does not report students as truant unless they cause problems. Loggins added that a large number of kids in this community are home schooled. Board Member James Posch sympathized with staff who are sometimes used as babysitters. However, Director Levin replied that she would rather have those kids in the library than on the streets.

Public Service Report highlights

  • Brian Sweigart of the Cleveland Institute of Music offered a free program of Dalcroze Eurythmics at each building during a preschool storytime.
  • Sarah Biscuso planned a storytime for summer lunch attendees and found that it attracted a number of new families.
  • Z’s Herbal Teas was offered by Adult Services Associate Zahir Sutarwala to give attendees a chance to explore and taste a variety of herbal teas.
  • Henry Drak made a guest appearance offering his Shadow Puppet Theater to 35 children and their parents. Noble’s PLAYroom averages 40 visitors daily and hosts 6-8 daycare visits each week.

LWV observer: Anne S. McFarland.

These meeting summaries are abstracted from LWV observers’ written reports. The summaries have been edited and prepared by Anne McFarland, Charlene Morse and Maryann Barnes. To receive e-mail postings of full reports, send an e-mail to or join through Google groups using “lwv-chuh observer reports” as a search phrase.

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