Citizens for Oakwood thank supporters and look to the future

The voters of South Euclid have spoken. Although deeply disappointed, we are grateful to the thousands of people who supported the "No on 96" campaign. First Interstate did everything it could to prevent this vote from taking place, and outspent us by three or four to one. That was to be expected.

We want to thank first and foremost the 3,451 South Euclid voters who supported protecting the precious Oakwood land against the assault of big box development. We also salute all of our supporters, our legal team, including the CWRU Law School Kramer Law Clinic students and faculty, and the Ohio Supreme Court for giving the voters of South Euclid the right to vote on their community's future.

Oakwood is on land situated at the meeting point of South Euclid, University Heights and Cleveland Heights. If ever there was a regional issue, this was it. Citizens asked repeatedly for a regional discussion.

The governments in those cities never held this discussion; it seems that regionalism only exists as an abstract notion in the minds of the officials in our part of the county. This simply means that as citizens, we will have to continue to educate our elected officials.

We look forward to working constructively with all area residents who support sustainable land use planning to create a vibrant, healthy, resilient region and a bright future for our community.

Citizens for Oakwood

3790 Bainbridge Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118


Carla Rautenberg

Carla Rautenberg is a volunteer with Citizens for Oakwood.

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Volume 4, Issue 12, Posted 11:32 AM, 11.10.2011