Daniel Hanna: One of Cleveland's own

From grade school to college to his career with the Cleveland Indians, and now his run for University Heights City Council, Dan Hanna has been a part of Cleveland for his entire life. 

Starting from the beginning, Hanna went to Gesu, a private school in University Heights. He graduated from St. Ignatius High School and went on to graduate from Cleveland State University with a degree in communication. He now works in sales and marketing for the Cleveland Indians. 

Whether he wins the election or not, Hanna said in an interview that he plans to keep his job with the Indians.

When asked if he ever thought of leaving the Cleveland area, Hanna said, “Not at all. There are very exciting things happening here. There is a great movement – a renaissance, if you will.” 

He was referring to the growth and rebuilding of Cleveland that he feels a strong desire to be a part of. Hanna said he wants to make a difference in the community he has grown up in, and where he is now raising a family. He believes that in 10 to 15 years, the Cleveland area will be thriving once again. 

Hanna is hoping for a spot on the University Heights City Council. He’s handling his first campaign with the help of his family and a team of volunteers, with guidance from his father, who is a judge for the state of Ohio. 

His campaign team is very much a team, he says.  They work on everything with a sense of collaboration, he said, and it truly is a team effort. 

When asked which political party he preferred to be associated with, he said politely that it didn’t matter for this election, although he is a registered Democrat. He plans to focus on each issue as it comes, and not let party obligations get in the way.

Judge Harry Hanna, when asked about his son, responded playfully. “He is a much better father than I was. I told his wife she got a better deal than her mother-in-law.” Harry Hanna also mentioned that Dan had worked his way though college on his own accord.

Dan Hanna said his father inspired him to run, with all the stories he has heard throughout the years. Stories of communities fallen into ruin, stories of all the problems the Cleveland area was having. This helped to motivate Hanna to run, hoping to get Cleveland back to the glory days.

Alix Wolf

Alix Wolf is a student at John Carroll University who has been following this candidate for her journalism class. 

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