CH-UH board of education a passion for Peppler

The former president of the Cleveland Heights-Univeristy Heights Board of Education knows what she wants. Nancy Peppler, currently a member of the board, is running for re-election on Nov. 8.

Peppler has served on the school board since 2007, and was elected president in 2010. She is also the vice president for external relations at Beech Brook, a behavioral health agency that serves children, teens and families. She earned a B.A. and a Master of Science in Social Administration at Case Western Reserve University.

Peppler is very passionate about the school board and is working hard to help make the CH-UH School District even better.

She sat down for an interview before a board meeting on Oct. 4, answering questions about technology in the school district and what types of challenges and goals the school board faces.

So, who doesn’t want a laptop in class? In the CH-UH School District grades 6 through 12, each student will receive a laptop to use during the school year. Laptops can enhance the students’ learning abilities, Peppler says, and also improve their knowledge of technology.

The school district has also has installed SMART boards for each classroom. A SMART board is a whiteboard that helps students participate more in class. It is more interactive than your average whiteboard.

When asked about the challenges the school board faces, Peppler replied, “change going on in these economic times.”

In a telephone interview Eric Coble, the current president of the school board who is also running for re-election this November said, “Working with the budget and trying not to spend more than we have to” is a major challenge the school board faces.

Moving onto goals, Coble and Peppler both said they want to continue to have their students learn at the “top of their ability.” Coble also wants to “work together for the entire community,” with residents, the city council and the school board cooperating to make the school district better.  

On a final note, Peppler added that she wants to “stay on the forefront of academics and technology” to ensure that students are prepared for the future.

Peppler and Coble are running unopposed in the upcoming elections. 

Lauren Winger

Lauren Winger is a student at John Carroll University who is following this candidate for her journalism class. 

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