Candidate for University Heights - Daniel Hanna

Daniel P. Hanna


2408 Lalemant     44118                     Age: 31


EducationB.A. Communication, Cleveland State University

Occupation: Account Executive, Cleveland Indians Baseball Co

Qualifications:  Focused on Organizational Communication at Cleveland State University, professional experience in negotiation, mediation and deal making

Community: Active member at the Church of the Gesu; St. Ignatius Alumni Council, Chair of Alumni Golf Outing; Volunteer, Cleveland Indians Charities


 1.  The most important thing: ) The city needs to develop a master plan that will guide the decisions the city makes in the next 10 years.  I am committed to bringing together all the stakeholders in our community to get their input and support for the plan. Through public and private partnerships we can leverage our community assets; our businesses, institutions, schools, churches, synagogues and residents to improve the life of our residents.

2.  Regionalism:  ) The most recent State and Federal budgets have reduced funding for local municipalities.  Municipalities like University Heights with a limited commercial tax base will have to look to share services, equipment and best practices to be able to maintain quality services to our residents.  The other alternatives are to further increase taxes on our residents and business owners or cut services.

3.  Housing market:   This is an area where the city should provide incentives for residents to improve the housing stock and for people looking to purchase a residence in University Heights.  I would work to implement a program that provides financial assistance to current residents for home improvement projects and assistance to people who are looking to purchase a residence in our city.  There would be incentives to encourage parties to stay in the city for an extended period of time.  That would prevent foreclosures in the future and remove some of the foreclosed properties that are currently empty. 

4.  CH-UH levy:  I cannot support the 3 year, $6.9 million levy at this time.  The citizens of University Heights are already some the highest taxed citizen in Northeast Ohio and increasing their burder in a time of high unemployment, increases in foreclosure, stagnat wages and the threat of higher taxes is not responsible.  According to the CHUH School District website the district has a budget over $100 million and serves around 6000 students.  I am confident that there are responsible cuts in that budget that will not affect the quality of education the children receive.

5.  Development:  There are gateways to the city that account for the majority of business districts: Fairmount Circle, Cedar-Taylor, Cedar-Green and Cedar Center.  The city must partner with professionals in real estate development and put together a cohesive strategy to strengthen the economic base of the city and capitalize on our business districts.

6.  John Carroll:  The city and the university must do a better job of communicating and building trust between each other.  They are the foundation of a positive relationship.  The city, with input from the university and other stakeholders, should focus on developing a master plan for the city, leveraging public and private partnerships to implement plan.  The goal should be a thriving city that is supportive of a successful John Carroll University.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 10:02 PM, 10.02.2011