Candidate for UH Council-Adele Zucker

Adele Zucker


2461 Claver Rd. - Univ. Hts.   44118         Age:  79


 Education:  Lancaster High School  1950.  Ohio University – Athens  1954  BSJ

 Occupation:  Retired

 Qualifications:  Served 26 years in U.H. Council (1983 – 2009)  Last 9 years as Vice Mayor

Community:  Greater Cleveland Suburban Council; Citizens Facility Committee of CH-UH Schools; Volunteer Editor for  Heights Observer; Precinct Committee Person for Precinct H in U.H.; Member Democratic Executive Committee


 1.  The most important thing:  The City government will need to address in the coming months and years the infrastructure  and how they are going to keep it in good condition.  That means keeping city streets and sewershave to be maintained.  If  the residents are happy with the way their city looks and the services they receive, they will remain in University Heights and  bring their children up here.  The next area to be considered is to bring new businesses into the city which will increase the tax base.  With increased dollars from more employees being hired, other taxes will not need to be increased.

2. Regionalism:  University Heights already does a great deal collaborating with surrounding cities.  They work with Cleveland Heights on procurement of auto parts and fuel working through a company headed by David Akers which saves the city money and both our Police and Fire Departments work cooperatively to keep resident safe to name just two.  Regionalsim is still in its infant stage and most cities are wary because they fear they might lose control of their destiny.

3. Housing market:  The foreclosure issue has become a very touchy subject.  I think the City needs to meet and work with  the realtors and the banks that have offices in our city in order to find a possible solution to this growing problem.  The economic times have put a strain on families and a great many are finding it difficult to pay their taxes, their loans, or to just keep up with their daily living expenses. 

4. CH-UH levy:  I have lived in University Heights for more than 40 years and I have pretty much always supported the school levies.  The schools are our most important asset and having worked on Council and having been active with the schools, I feel it is important to support them.  The children attending our schools are our future and although my kids graduated many years ago, I think everyone should support the schools.

5. Development:  The city will need to meet with people who are qualified in economic and business development to analyze the city and the businesses located here and determine if more can be done.  There are no vacant lands in University Heights, therefore, new development would be hard to accomplish.  With insight from those who have expertise in the field, the city might be able to re-develop the few commercial areas that we have to a better use.  The city needs to market itself and that can only be accomplished with professionals.  The city could enlist the help of JCU.

6. John Carroll:  I believe the relationship between John Carroll University and the city is not as contentious as it.   There has been cooperation and meetings to alleviate that.  The University Heights City Council formed a University Affairs Committee in 2008 and unfortunately, that committee has not met often enough and established itself as a working committee.  A great deal could have  been done by them and working with the University to resolve many issues.  I would like to see the committee re-instated with new leadership to work with JCU because we all have a mutual interest in the college and the city.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 10:33 PM, 10.02.2011