Candidate for UH Council - Steven Bennett

Steven Bennett


3761 Hillbrook  Road  University Hts. OH   44118   Age: 68


Education: BA Mathematics, University of Michigan.  MBA, Kent State University

 Occupation:  Retired

Qualifications:  14 years Council Experience.  President & Executive Board Member of the Northeast Ohio City Council  Association.  20 years of Management experience in transportation/distribution.

10 years as corporate level Safety Director

Community: Citizen volunteer on County Transition Workforce Groups in Economic Development &

 boards and Commissions.  Chairman of University Hts City Beautiful Commission


 1.  The most important thing: City government not only must maintain vigilant, sound fiscal management of current sources of revenue but actively seek and obtain alternate sources long and short range from grants, city/private funding partnerships, collaborative performance of city services with other cities. and others.  Council must work with the mayor providing fiscally responsible legislation that will enable the mayor to actively seek new sources of revenue and for citizen advisory groups whose members will have the expertise to assist the city in this matter.

2.  Regionalism:  The key to the success of consolidated services will be the responsiveness of management to comments and complaints from the residents of each city and the quality of the oversight of the council of governments to whom that management reports.  This trend need not give up the uniqueness of each city.  University Heights will still be early Americana city with colonial homes, a Memorial Day Parade, and home of John Carroll University.

3.  Housing market:   There is a market for affordable single floor, handicap accessible, housing for young seniors (baby boomers) who love the proximity of University Heights to fine dining, entertainment, culture, a university, and world class medical facilities.  Council must review zoning throughout the city to provide single floor housing in various areas.  The mayor working with other cities will need to form a public-private partnership to fund and build that housing.

4.  CH-UH levy:  While I have supported school levies in the past, during a long recession, such as the one we are currently experiencing, is not the time for cities and/or school districts to a request a raise in taxes.

5.  Development:   The city is less than 2 square miles.  Business development is limited to a relatively small area.  Zoning must be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure that sites are zoned to welcome both small commercial businesses as well as new retail shops.  The council Economic Development Committee formed by Council should be directed to assist the city in developing leads new ideas for businesses and to recommend possible solutions for problems for business that may currently exist or arise.  The committee should include the mayor, a council liaison, local business managers/owners, a JCU representative and residents.

6.  John Carroll:  The City must consider the interests of all of its residents, individuals as well as the University.  A vibrant University is necessary for the fiscal and cultural well being of the City.  Good neighbors and well maintained homes and properties that surround the University are crucial to the well being and vibrancy of the University.  The Council must deal fairly with both by presenting sound reasoning and consideration of all residents needs in its decisions making.   Through its website and other communications the City can keep all of its residents, University and home owner, informed of events, happenings, requests and planning.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 10:19 PM, 10.02.2011