Candidate for UH Council - Al August

Al August


2163 Barrington Road,  University Heights   44118   Age: 45    web:


Education:  1990 Attended Hocking College for an Associate's Degree in Natural Resources.  1993 Attended ESI for Computerized Office Procedures certification.  1995 Attended Hocking College for an Associate's Degree in Ranger Services & Logging Certification

Occupation:  Painter, Web Designer

Qualifications:  Over 25 years in University Heights of excellent personal customer service.

Community:  Volunteer work: Cleveland Clinic Mellen Center, Teddy Bear Run, Medwish, designed website for previous city council candidate, designed 2011 UH Memorial Day Parade program.


 1.  The most important thing:  )  I will take better measures to improve the city's appeal for economic development. Businesses seek to find the most suitable locations and University Heights, with the right city council, has great potential to properly expose our city and its diversities which in turn will draw the interest for new businesses and create jobs.  The increased tax base from new commerce will be essential to maintain our current taxes and to help ensure our Police, Fire and Building Departments be provided with all necessary equipment and manpower to perform their duties as safe and efficiently as possible.  

2.  Regionalism: With the state budget cuts affecting all Ohio cities, further steps towards regionalism and collaboration is essential for the future success of University Heights.  

Buying power can be significantly increased when our cities join to purchase goods and supplies.  For example, University Heights, Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights recently sought joint bids for the annual street resurfacing program.  As a result of the combined communities bargaining power, the project will save each city over $300,000. 

3.  Housing market:  To assist homeowners from foreclosures and improving the current housing market in University Heights, I recommend community forums to educate homeowners on possible resolutions available to them which they may otherwise be unaware.  A local foreclosure attorney volunteer would be present to assist homeowners.  The volunteer's duties would include, but not be limited to informing homeowners of the various programs available for their particular need, assistance with forms as well as advise on becoming actively engaged with their lender and gaining an advocate from religious organizations, friends or family.

4.  CH-UH levy:    The levy is essential to cover costs for the proper development of our children so they are prepared for tomorrow's world.  Our district is improving annually and program cuts will drive the district in reverse restricting our children from the progressive education they deserve.  In order for the board to continue improving our children's educations, support of the levy ensures success by allowing the board to continue with their current plans.aaaa

5.  Development:   To initiate economic development, a current analysis to identify our city's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats should be performed. I will then bring together as many residents and businesses as possible to form a common vision and set goals for improvement while keeping local media apprised of developments so that a steady stream of information keeps everyone in the loop. This would be followed by creating a plan to present to the community for their personal input, then refine and prepare to execute the plan.

6.  John Carroll:  A positive relationship with University Heights and JCU must start with mutual respect.  With the varied opinions on the current direction regarding the growth of John Carroll we must remember many of our residents chose to live here because of the city's diversities.  When we freely choose to live in a city composed of diversity, we must learn to live in goodwill amongst our neighbors, and JCU is our neighbor.  The need of every business is to grow and keep up with the times and our compromise without unnecessary delays will contribute to the overall economic growth of University Heights.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 10:16 PM, 10.02.2011