Candidate for Cleveland Hts. Council - Jason Stein

Jason Stein


3510 Severn Rd. Cleveland Hts.   44118   Age: 34



Education:  Cleveland Heights High School – 1995.                  Siegal College - BA

Occupation: Group Supervisor, O.D.A.R.

Qualifications:  I was raised in Cleveland Heights and am the product of our CH-UH Public School system. I have been a community activist and served on various boards and committees. 

Community: Cleveland Heights City Council Member June 2011 – present.  CH-UH Library Board Trustee, 2010- June 2011

Citizens Advisory Committee 2008- June 2011.  CH-UH School Facilities Advisory Committee 2010 – July 2011


1.  The most important thing:  In my opinion, the most important function that City Government serves is to implement policies that create the type of City that residents are proud to call home. Cleveland Heights is composed of a diverse, informed and active citizenry. As a current Councilman, I do my best to make time to meet with and listen to the concerns and ideas of individuals and groups of Cleveland Heights residents. By listening to the people of Cleveland Heights, I feel that I am better able to construct policies that will make Cleveland Heights better.

2.  Regionalism: Regionalism is the present and future of Cleveland Heights and the region as a whole.

For example, I have advocated joining the Regional Income Tax Agency, jointly bidding streets, collaborating with University Heights on sharing a salt dome and garbage disposal and there is more to come. Regionalism is about working together to improve the quality and efficiency of City services.

3.  Housing market:  The vacant housing situation calls for a multi facet approach to turn it around. Continuing and increasing cooperation with the County Land Bank is a top priority. The County Land Bank is able to negotiate with the banks to have them turn over old, foreclosed homes so that the City can either renovate or demolish the foreclosed property. As well, we must attract good neighbors to purchase homes here. The down payment assistance program and the Heights Repair Resource Center is a couple of the incentives for prospective residents to purchase in Cleveland Heights.

4.  CH-UH levy: I am supporting the school levy. The quality of the CH-UH School district has a direct effect on the perception of our city as a whole. If we are to attract good neighbors to our city, then we need to support our public schools. Even more importantly, under the leadership of Superintendent, Doug Heuer, the CH-UH schools are doing well and continue to show improvement.  The children of Cleveland Heights deserve a great education and I certainly am proud to support that goal.

5.  Confidence:  Cleveland Heights is a great place to live. We have excellent parks and recreational opportunities, arts programs, walk able commercial districts, a top ranked Library system, excellent schools, affordable and historic homes and a diverse, neighborly and educated citizenry. This is what we have now. I will continue to add new and “out of the box” items to this list. For example, in the coming months City Council will be amending and adding dozens of Sustainable and Green practices to our zoning code.  These changes will encourage business development, housing initiatives and create new communal opportunities.

6.   Increase revenue:  These State and local cuts have and will have a negative impact on our City’s budget.  In order to find potential Federal, State and County funding sources, I supported the hiring of G2G group to lobby Columbus and Washington D.C. for specific business development needs. As well, I have supported economic development initiatives to attract international high tech companies to Cleveland Heights. One such company has begun operating out of the former Coventry School. The school will be an incubator for additional international companies looking to market their technology in the U.S. marketplace.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 5:12 PM, 09.29.2011