Candidate for Cleveland Heights Council - Phyllis Evans

Phyllis Evans

13623 Antisdale Ave.  Cleveland Hts.  44118   Age:30 with 36 years experience


Education:  Central State University; B.S. Biology

Occupation:  Certified Technologist in Microbiology

Qualifications: LEADERSHIP ACADEMY- Cleveland State University College of Urban Affairs.  Served on Council since1993.  Currently chair: Community Relations and Recreation Committee.   Vice chair: Planning & Development Committee

Community:  Black Women’s Political Action Committee.  Cleveland Heights Democratic Club.  Cuyahoga County Precinct Person and member of Executive Committee


1.  The most important thing: Insuring that our city has excellent public services is extremely important.  We must continue to be creative and continue to look for strategies which will help fund the various projects.  I plan to reach out to the community so I can be prepared to understand and initiate necessary research to determine the feasibility of an idea that may be of merit to our city.  Most often it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel but one must be open so that suggestions can be understood.

2.  Regionalism: Our council /senior staff have worked with other cities/ their staff to determine what projects can be done together. Often it is necessary to collaborate with the state/county to improve various streets and infrastructure. We initiated the joint effort with the fire departments. We’ve worked with the CH-UH school district so that we can offer pool opportunities to our residents. Salt storage and solid waste transfer/disposal services have been worked out with University Heights.

3.  Housing market:  The city has cosponsored meetings for residents to learn about different programs which homeowners can benefit in order to save their homes from foreclosure.  Many referrals have been made to 211 First Call for Help, HRRC, the Federal mediation program and others in order to assist residents who are in financial housing distress.   Using over $2million dollars in HUD Neighborhood Stabilization funds our City has been able to renovate 12 homes for owner occupants only to purchase.  We also have demolished approximately 25 homes that could not be renovated which serves to enhance the curb appeal on many streets.                            

 4.  CH-UH levy: I support the need for a school levy.   Both of my children are proud Heights graduates.   Understanding how Ohio schools are financed, it’s time to go to the voters to obtain more operating dollars.  I understand that the budget has been streamlined and many dollars have been cut.  Since the student body is so diverse, it is necessary to have many different programs in place to meet the needs of all.

5.  DevelopmentI will share with the residents the importance of doing the majority of eating out/ shopping at home.  Our city is safe. Unfortunately, we do not have a crystal ball to keep negative things from happening but if police intervention is needed their response time is excellent. We can walk to/from, day/ night and know we will safely reach our destination without encountering any problems. Our council/staff believes in dealing directly with issues.  It is important to look for solutions as quickly as possible to cope with unpleasant complex situations that may have a negative impact on our city.        

6.  John Carroll:  We contracted with Regional Income Tax Agency which we expect will bring in at least $500,000 more dollars the first year. Additionally, I believe that we will see more dollars because RITA has a program to identify residents that we were not previously determined to be tax payers.  I would like to propose a special assessment levy similar to Issue 27 to fix streets or to fund our safety forces. This would be a great mechanism to remove a huge amount from our general fund.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 5:16 PM, 09.29.2011