Kids learn joy of gardening at Noble Road Presbyterian Church

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  •  Nasir Shareet eating corn, salad and eggplant parmesan - all from the children's gardens. All photos by Joanne Westin.

  • Marlon Washington and Treasure Eiland trying broccoli

  • Clarke Moore with her painted birdhouse

  • Jaylen Harris and Jaden Settles picking corn

  • Trevon King picking an eggplant (later made into eggplant parmesan)

  • Desmen Milligan in front of beets and carrots

  • Alycia Shields making salad

  • Pastor Francis Miller helping Siraj Fakhir plant beets

  • NasirShareet (with beets), Michael Moore (with carrots) ShaniaAbrams (more beets) and Layla Gaines (sampling a string bean)

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