University Heights City Council meeting highlights [12-20-10]

DECEMBER 20, 2010

  • McDonald’s traffic study
  • Used dump truck available
  • Honorees Jennifer Thomas and Detective Lt. Edward Schmidt
  • JCU 125th year anniversary banners
  • Pedestrian controls to crosswalk
  • Property owner to come before council 

All council members present

McDonald’s traffic study

Mayor Infeld announced that the traffic study for McDonald’s was complete and that the information was being sent to McDonald’s.

Used dump truck available

Mayor Infeld announced that a dump truck from Bainbridge Township was available for $12,000. It’s a 1996 truck with 82,000 miles, with a plow and salt spreader. A new truck would cost $150,000. The service department is looking to replace their 1986 chipper truck because parts will no longer be available. Council directed the mayor to send a letter of interest to Bainbridge Township. Councilman Bullock cast the lone dissenting vote, asking for a plan to replace the fleet instead of replacing vehicles one at a time.

Honorees Jennifer Thomas and Detective Lt. Edward Schmidt

Council approved a resolution honoring Jennifer Thomas as the 2010 Citizen of the Year in recognition of her work in business development through the Civic Innovation Lab and now as program director for the Knight Foundation.

Council also approved a resolution honoring Detective Lt. Edward Schmidt as the 2010 Employee of the Year. He has served on the police force for thirty-two years and was instrumental in bringing sexual assault charges against a Wiley School teacher.

JCU 125th year anniversary banners

Council authorized John Carroll University (JCU) to post banners and signs celebrating their 125th year anniversary from January 15 through December 31, 2011, upon approval by the safety director and applicable utility companies.

Pedestrian controls to crosswalk

A motion was made to authorize payment to the City of Beachwood for the shared cost of installing pedestrian controls to the crosswalk lights at the intersection of Green, Silsby, Beachwood and Campus roads. A serious accident occurred recently in Beachwood prompting the cities to make this change. Half the streets are in University Heights, requiring $10,282.50 of the total $20,565 from University Heights. The motion was tabled until discussion by the safety committee occurs.

Property owner to come before council

Building commissioner David Menn announced that the owner of the property at 4394 Groveland Road would come before council on Jan. 4 to appeal the recent decision of the zoning appeals board. The city has taken the owner to court four times in recent years. He began repairs to his home but has not completed them, and the construction equipment has remained in front of his house. Council members were asked to review the property prior to the January meeting.

LWV observer: Wendy Deuring

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