Patron questions use of herbicides at Nature Center

To the editor,

I've been walking around the area of the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes for years, and I love it. It's disturbing to find out that they're spraying herbicides to kill the cattails. The first  chemical application was September 2010, with more spraying planned for this summer. I was assured links to fact sheets and spraying schedules would be posted.

Seeing people with tanks on their backs is certainly not what I expect from the Nature Center, nor is embracing a plan that uses chemicals (Rodeo, Concentration 5). Allowing cut down cattails to wash into an already too-shallow, oxygen-challenged lower lake seems questionable as well. The lower lake is now lined with cattail debris, four-feet deep in some places. Add to that the fact that the fervor against non-indigenous species, which includes plans to cut down willow trees. What's next?

We need a well-publicized public information meeting, prior to this summer's planned chemical application, with speakers representing nonchemical wetland management, and fact-based information that can be accessed on the website.

Susan Parente

Susan Parente
Cleveland Heights,

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:08 PM, 06.30.2011