New curfew punishes many for acts of a few

To the Editor:

I have mixed feelings about the new curfew being imposed upon teenagers in the Coventry and Cedar Lee business districts. The homeowner/taxpayer/mother in me applauds Cleveland Height City Council for its quick response. But, I am also sad that the acts of a few will punish so many. I spent my highschool years in Westlake. This was pre-Crocker Park Westlake. There was no Coventry-like area, or any gathering spot, unless you counted the strip malls and fast food restaurants. It was boring, and we were fairly aimless on weekend nights, choosing to drive to Lakewood for entertainment. At least Coventry and Cedar Lee offer teens a destination. Unfortunately, things have gotten completely out of hand, and now no teen, regardless of his or her motives, will be able to enjoy an evening in either business district.

I'd like to say that the parents of these teens need to take action: monitor your child's Facebook, Twitter, and general whereabouts. But, the parents of the teens involved in Sunday's "flash mob" do not care. They do not care about our city, and it's health and safety. If they did, their children would have been on Coventry to enjoy the festival, not to cause problems, not to intimidate businesses and patrons.  

I am going to continue to enjoy Coventry and Cedar Lee with my family, maybe more so now, just as I have for the past 11 years. But, I wonder where summer vacation boredom is going to take Cleveland Heights' teens, if not to Coventry or Cedar Lee.

Clare Taft

Clare Taft is secretary of the FutureHeights Board of Directors.

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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 12:35 PM, 06.30.2011