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Only some of the information that the Observer collects makes it into the printed edition.

If you haven’t been online lately, here’s some of what’s waiting for you:

From our new blogs: (

South Euclid's elected wrecking crew Insights into revenue lost to CH-UH schools when South Euclid bought and razed the now-vacant Cedar Center North.

Diamonds in our midst A fresh view of John Carroll as a place where even non-students can find inspiration, or, as Richard Andrews puts it, a Cain Park for the mind.

Is closing CH-UH buildings the only solution? Some alternatives to simply closing school buildings, from one member of the CH-UH district’s Facilities Review Committee.

Groupon's ad fiasco is a lesson learned How Groupon’s Super Bowl advertising campaign shed light on the high cost of businesses that help drive local merchants to the bottom.

On the forum: (

What is regionalism really? Opinions on the need for a grander view of regionalism, beyond the obvious things, such as joint bidding for street paving.

Winter walkability Comments on sidewalks that don’t get shoveled when it snows.

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Volume 4, Issue 3, Posted 10:27 AM, 03.01.2011