Fire Station offers free smoke detectors

Executive Captain Steve Ineman of the University Heights Fire Department said smoke and fire detectors are being given away free to all residents.

As part of a new policy, the Fire Station is giving away free state-of-the-art smoke detectors at the Fire House 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All University Heights residents can pick up detectors at the station, which is on Silsby Road, next to City Hall at Warrensville Center Road. 

Some people have been shy about having the Fire Prevention Department come into their homes to install the devices. But the new policy is designed to make sure there are no reasons left not to have them. Mayor Susan Infeld, Fire Chief John Pitchler and Fire Prevention Captain Steve Ineman want every house and apartment to have these life-saving detectors.

The most important advantage is that the battery lasts for 10 years, so the devices do not require annual changing.

And the detector takes care of three kinds of danger. The first is smoldering smoke that has yet to burst into flames. The second is a flash flame that starts without smoke. The last is a dead battery.

More than 85 percent of all people who died in fires in Ohio since 2008 did not have functioning smoke detectors. During the first 18 days of 2011 alone, 10 people died in seven house fires – houses that did not have functioning smoke detectors.

University Heights has been giving away smoke detectors to its residents since early 2009. City code requires smoke detectors at point of sale inspection. 

Options include free home fire safety inspections, according to Ineman.

“If a resident wants a free home fire safety inspection, just telephone me at 216-320-8529 to schedule an appointment," he said.

Residents can also call 216-321-1939 to schedule free installation of the detectors in their homes or go directly to the fire station, pick them up and personally install them.

This free program is available to all UH residents in houses and apartments, regardless of income. 

Anita Kazarian is a marketing professional, founder of Noah’s Landing, LLC and a long-time resident of UH.

Anita Kazarian

Anita Kazarian is a resident of University Heights and enjoys being an active citizen.

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