HYC basketball on the move

Front Row: Santino Jones (cocaptain), Robert Wuldron, Charles Fulton, Clayton Harris (captain). Back Row: Allan Borom, Teamus Hudson, Brshard Williams, Travis Ford, Coach Roscoe Morgan. Not pictured: Alex Mincy, Richard Blackmon and Rodney Jones.

The Heights Youth Club boys’ basketball team is on fire and in first place, out of six teams, in the City of Cleveland Recreation League. Led by club director and coach, Roscoe Morgan, the team consists of high school seniors in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District and members of HYC. The team spends several afternoons a week practicing and perfecting their skills. Games are played on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. The young men have put this team high on their priority list and are determined to bring home a victory.    

All of the club members are behind the team. The younger kids look up to the team with awe. They regularly peek out of the club windows, hoping to catch a glimpse of the club van returning from a game. Finally, the anticipation ends as a shout is heard, “They're back!" The team can barely make it in the door before the question is asked, “Did you win?” When the response is “yes,” deafening cheers fill the gym.

Let’s all wish this amazing team well as it completes the last half of the season. Go HYC!

Dawn Parker is a member of the board of directors at the Heights Youth Club, parent and Cleveland Heights resident for 15 years.

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 8:50 PM, 03.21.2010