Heights bowling in University Square

When I moved to University Heights 29 years ago, the bowling alley at Cedar Center was where we spent time with friends and relatives, met new people and had a lot of fun.

It closed a few years back and now there isn’t a single bowling alley left in the Heights.

Do you have a bowling ball taking up space in your closet? If you don’t, I bet you know at least three people who do. But where do you go bowling around this part of town?

University Heights has space in University Square that was recently vacated by Tops Supermarket, and which is large enough to accommodate a competition-quality bowling alley. Let’s call it “Heights Bowling.”

I believe that the Heights Bowling concept would meet a business plan's criteria for success. Investors should be clamoring to develop, design and build Heights Bowling at University Square before South Euclid proposes the idea in its own Cedar Road development plans.

Think about the following points and see if you agree: (1) Bowling is a popular sport; (2) Bowling at University Square would have no nearby competitor; (3) Customers will continue to bowl even during tough economic times because it’s a low-cost form of entertainment; (4) The development, construction and operation of a bowling alley is a low-cost investment and an easy entry for the entrepreneur; (5) Low maintenance costs keep prices reasonably low; (6) Income earned from lane rental, food and alcohol sales, and vending machine use, including electronic games, will contribute to a long and successful business life span.

University Square is centrally located and offers bowlers a safe, small town, friendly atmosphere with plenty of covered free parking, major shopping facilities, several restaurants, and numerous services.

Unlike other sports, bowling is a year-round activity played by anyone who can roll a ball down a lane. It is played alone, with family and friends, on a team or in a league.

Heights Bowling would be a success because it is a destination business. People go out of their way to make a special trip to a destination, such as Ikea. Heights Bowling could be such a destination that would help generate greater income for the other businesses in UH because of the new consumers it would draw. This additional income for businesses in our city ultimately would help to alleviate the burgeoning residential tax burden. 

Mayor Susan Infeld traveled to Chicago this year to discuss several specific solid business opportunities with the Inland Company, owner of University Square. I propose that, as University Heights residents, we follow Mayor Infeld’s lead in searching for businesses to attract to our city. Heights Bowling is but one viable and attractive option.    

I am interested in hearing directly from you about what types of businesses you want to see come to University Heights. Write and tell me your thoughts and perhaps together we may be able to offer our city many more opportunities. 

Anita Kazarian is a marketing professional and a 29-year resident of University Heights. Reach her at anitakazarian@gmail.com.

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Volume 3, Issue 8, Posted 5:36 PM, 07.20.2010