HYC volleyball team shows promise

Members of the HYC Girls Volleyball Team are Jasmine Bell, Sheryl Kelley, Trinity Williams, Delani Hughes (Cocaptain), Alexus Carson,  Alysia Taylor (Captain), Jariah Hendrix,  Coach Daniels, Antoinette Bennett, Khrystinna Boyd, Nia Fletcher and Jasmine Davis (Cocaptain).

The Heights Youth Club’s (HYC) Girls Volleyball team is taking on all comers. Compared with last year’s statistics, this team has made dramatic improvement. Its current record is 6:3 compared with last year's record of 1:6. The team is in second place going into the finals in the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland Girls Volleyball League.

The team’s success has not come by accident. Teamwork, leadership and coaching have helped the girls achieve their winning season. Coach Eboni Daniels, a Heights High alum and master’s degree student at Cleveland State’s School of Social Work, put the emphasis on teamwork, training and practice. The growth and development of the girls is evidence that her dedication to the team is paying off.

The girls, ages 9 to 16, express their enthusiasm for the sport at every practice and game. For some of them, this is their first introduction to organized volleyball. The girls have developed a spirit of camaraderie that grows each time they are together on the court. Coach Daniels makes certain that every member of the team has an opportunity to help in each game. This philosophy has helped to build the self-esteem and confidence of all the girls. It just might, in fact, be their secret weapon.

Each girl has a different strength. It is gratifying to watch them work and share their talents with one another. Their genuine willingness to help each team member master new skills is unique.

Dedication, teamwork, a positive attitude and a willingness to remain open to new experiences are some of the values the Heights Youth Club teaches and promotes to all of it members. The club is located at 2025 Lee Road in Cleveland Heights.

Dawn Parker is a parent and a member of the Heights Youth Club board of directors.

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Volume 3, Issue 3, Posted 8:33 AM, 02.17.2010