Upward Basketball returns to Church of the Saviour

Upward Basketball begins Second Season on Jan. 10, 2011. Last year almost 100 children participated in the Upward Basketball program at Church of the Saviour on Lee Road. Designed for boys and girls,  K5-6th grade, Upward is the world’s largest Christian sports program for kids. Not only were valuable basketball skills learned on the court, but players enjoyed values-based stories for life as well. Also, it was created to provide a positive sports experience for every child.

Upward Basketball is a unique league that offers children the opportunity to build athletic skills, make new friends, and learn good sportsmanship in a healthy, competitive environment. Upward players always have guaranteed play time.

“Parents will watch their kids get exercise, have fun and make friends, and learn what’s great about basketball,” said Lauren Lanphear, the league’s director.

The first games of the 2011 season will begin on Jan. 22 and the league will conclude with an awards celebration on Sunday, March 20. Skills assessments take place on Dec. 13, 14 and 18, but no previous experience is necessary. 

Upward Basketball utilizes a unique game format. Games consist of two 18-minute halves and an 8-minute half time. Possession alternates in jump ball situations. There are no timeouts, and ball possession changes at the end of each six-minute segment to encourage end of the period shots. Teams are balanced and games are played on time because of these unique rules.

“You will not find the ‘win at all costs’ mentality.” Lanphear said. Upward was designed to teach basketball skills and to bring out the winner in every child.

Upward basketball is sensitive to a busy family’s needs. The time commitment is only two hours each week - one hour of practice on weekday evenings and one hour of play on Saturday mornings - which should fit the schedules of busy Heights families. All of the league’s games will be played in the new multipurpose building at Church of the Saviour, where there will be concessions and half-time entertainment.   

Register online at upward@chsaviour.org or call 216-321-8880 ext. 257 for information or to request a brochure. Brochures can also be picked up outside the family center of the Lee Road Library or by stopping off at Church of the Saviour. Registration forms can be found near all entry ways. Registration continues through Dec. 18 and active-duty military families receive a discount.    

Rhonda Dorfman is a recent arrival to the Heights and a volunteer with Upward Basketball.

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