JCU's Nonprofit Masters Program: Degree helps students pursue dreams of helping others

In these times of layoffs and cutbacks, you can’t avoid the advertisements and stories suggesting that now is the perfect time to go back to school. However, it's not quite that simple: it could mean incurring large amounts of debt, taking away time from job hunting and networking, or eating up the remaining time you have with your family. But it is possible to find the right program for you. Jana Longsworth Nassif, currently a knowledge center manager for a global mergers and aquisitions firm, did just that.

As an economics undergrad at Bowling Green University, Nassif had hoped to take her experience into the nonprofit sector after graduation. But her first opportunity was a for-profit position, and she accepeted an offer from National City Bank. Jana adjusted her plan: gain experience in the corporate world and then transfer it to the nonprofit sector. Six years and a promotion later, she decided it was time to make that move.

Previously, Nassif had returned to school briefly in an attempt to obtain an MBA with a nonprofit focus, but was forced to stop when her employer changed the rules for tuition reimbursement. So she already knew that going back to school could be expensive. On top of the cost, it was going to be time-consuming. She decided to pursue a masters degree part-time and searched for a program where she “would get the same benefits going part-time as a full-time program would offer.”

After reviewing several schools in the area, Nassif chose John Carroll University. “I always liked the school, and the tuition break was fantastic,” she explains. John Carroll University is currently offering a 40-percent tuition reduction for masters in nonprofit administration students. “I also felt that the connection to Boler [JCU's business school] was very important.” 

Nassif also considered the courses offered. “I found that other schools were either focused in one specific aspect of nonprofits, or they didn’t offer the same courses and benefits to part-time students. JCU caters to working adults and offers everything to all students in the program.”

To find out more information about John Carroll’s Nonprofit Administration Program, go to  www.jcu.edu/nonprofit.

Amanda Oliveri is administrative assistant for John Caroll University Nonprofit Administration Program.

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 11:46 AM, 03.15.2010