Tyndall Road upholds 32-year tradition

Residents of Tyndall Road in University Heights have been gathering together to celebrate their holidays in mid-December for about 32 years. It is a tradition kept alive by always including the newest neighbors on the street.

This year was special. The newest neighbors own only the land, so far. Their home will be the newest house in University Heights when construction begins this spring.

Neighbors start out at one home, move to a second and finish at a third for different taste treats along the way. And, like small town hospitality, the tradition has evolved to where it is now called the "Tyndall Road Plus Party,"  plus meaning the people who live on nearby streets who have developed friendships over the years with families on Tyndall. 

This is just one street and its party. Many streets in UH have block parties, summer garden parties, Halloween street parties, holiday parties and many other reasons to gather with neighbors. Tell me about yours; send me photos; and I'll post them on the Observer's website.

Anita Kazarian is a marketing professional, founder of Noah’s Landing, LLC and a long-time resident of University Heights. Reach her at anitakazarian@gmail.com.

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 5:43 PM, 12.14.2010