University Heights City Council meeting highlights June 21

JUNE 21, 2010

  • Concerns about McDonald’s
  • Purvis Park pool
  • Take-out pizza at Heights Jewish Center
  • City services for seniors

All council members were present.

Concerns about McDonald’s

The public expressed concerns primarily about traffic, noise, litter, and a negative social impact. Jeri Shore of Bushnell Road suggested adding speed bumps and a triangular divider and adjusting the traffic signals on Warrensville Center Road. Thomas Rucks of Washington Boulevard noted that two traffic studies were done for the Waterway proposal, including one proposal that showed that prohibiting right turns when exiting the business would force all traffic back onto Warrensville Road. Mayor Infeld said that traffic control measures would be researched, and signs stating that children are present could be posted immediately.

Purvis Park pool

Thomas Vllek of Eaton Road asked council to reconsider the rule forbidding children under age 12 to use the high dive at Purvis Park. He noted that other communities use a swimming skills test to determine qualification for using the diving boards and that the rule was made after a child was injured. He cited research that injuries were very infrequent on diving boards. Mayor Infeld said she would discuss his concerns with the head of recreation for the city.

Take-out pizza at Heights Jewish Center

Talla Gahanian and Zahava Seltzer protested the zoning board’s decision to deny them a special permit to operate a take-out kosher pizza restaurant at the Heights Jewish Center at 14270 Cedar Road. The synagogue is in front of Purvis Pool and shares a drive and parking lot with the pool. The principle concern was for the safety of the children using the pool with the increase in traffic from people picking up pizzas. Although the planning commission oversees religious organizations, this situation involves a multi-use permit, which puts it in the hands of the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Deputy Police Chief Rohel had visited the site and felt that the addition of a take-out restaurant would create dangers from customers, delivery trucks, and garbage trucks. The lot is owned by the synagogue and leased to the city. The city shares the cost of paving and repairs, and this cost might increase due to the added truck traffic. The appeal was tabled until Councilman Steven Bullock could visit the site with the deputy chief and the owners to consider options.

City services for seniors

Councilman Frank Consolo announced that the Civic Information Committee is researching options for providing services to senior citizens in the city, determining if there is a need for social service support, and whether recreational programs could be shared with neighboring cities.

LVW observer: Wendy Deuring.

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