Fairmount Co-op Preschool announces open house

Looking for a preschool environment offering exposure to art, music, science, books, and dramatic play? The Fairmount Church Cooperative Nursery School will hold its annual open house for prospective members on Sunday, Jan. 9, from 1 to 3 p.m.

Children can experience the school’s “learning through play” philosophy, enabling them to learn at their own pace via the carefree play of early childhood.

Teachers, administrators and parents of current students will be on hand to answer questions, provide tours of the facility, and discuss the role of a cooperative preschool.

A co-op school recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children. While staffed by professional teachers, co-ops are operated by parents of the students.

Parents share responsibility for the daily work necessary to operate a successful school. Assisting teachers in the classroom, serving on committees, and volunteering on the board of directors are some of the ways parents and teachers at the Fairmount Church Cooperative Nursery School work together to create an optimal learning experience.

At Fairmount Co-op, children are respected for their unique personalities and accepted at their own learning pace. The environment is relaxed and friendly while offering the motivation appropriate to each child’s developmental level. 

The preschool offers its students a variety of social contacts, a sense of belonging to a group, and the chance to share and cooperate with others their own age. Tuition is kept low in part by the active role of parents in facilitating the daily operation of the school.

Parents are required to help in their children’s classrooms on a rotating basis, usually one morning each month. They are responsible for bringing healthy snacks and assisting the teacher with the day’s activities.

Parents are also asked to serve on a committee for the school year, to participate in fundraisers and to help clean classrooms as assigned.

Membership chairs, Jessica Horn and Carolyn Foss, look forward to answering questions about the school. For more information, including how to schedule individual tours of the facility, go to www.fairmountcoop.org or call 216-321-5800.

Amy Kalasunas serves on the membership committee of her children's preschool.

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