University Heights City Council meeting highlights

APRIL 19, 2010
  • Delay in garbage truck repair
  • Boarded-up home on Jackson Road
  • Partnership with John Carroll University
  • Commendation for Robert Perko III
  • New smoke detectors
  • AAA Flexible Pipe Company awarded bid
  • 2010 emergency sewer repairs
  • Tree Side Landscaping Company
  • Vehicle for refuse collection
  • Overpayments for Cleveland water
  • Arbor Day tree planting
  • Relay for Life

Councilman Phillip Ertel was absent.

Delay in garbage truck repair

Resident Paul Miller expressed concern over council’s delay in approving repairs on a 19-year-old garbage truck. Council had decided to require two more bids for an expensive repair costing over $11,000. He recommended that council pass an ordinance to require three bids for any repairs over a certain amount.

Boarded-up home on Jackson Road

Pat Baskin and Kathy Haase-Falbo, residents of Jackson Road, expressed concerns about a home on their street that has been boarded up for two years. Haase-Falbo said that fixing the problem would send a positive message about the neighborhood. Mayor Infeld said she had received e-mails from other Jackson Road residents about the problem. Building Commissioner David Menn reported that many notices had been sent to the owner, but no responses had been received, and that the structure had been broken into several times. Council unanimously passed an ordinance declaring this home a public nuisance.

Earth Day Partnership with John Carroll University

Mayor Infeld mentioned that the city was partnering with John Carroll University on Earth Day to encourage bicycle riding.

Commendation for Robert Perko III

Council commended Firefighter/Paramedic Robert Perko III for writing a successful FEMA grant proposal for $275,000 to buy a new pumper truck. The city will contribute $13,750 toward the purchase.

New smoke detectors

Council commended Executive Captain Steve Ineman for his role in securing new smoke detectors for the city. Mayor Infeld reminded residents that the fire department would install smoke detectors in homes for free and, if asked while on the premises, would perform a home safety check.

AAA Flexible Pipe Company awarded bid

Council awarded a bid of $33,600 for the 2010 Catch Basin, Inlet, Sewer Cleaning and Televising Program to AAA Flexible Pipe Company.

2010 emergency sewer repairs

City Engineer Joe Ciuni asked council to award a bid of $127,00 to the lowest bidder, Thomas A. Hall Excavating Company, for sewer repairs. Council asked Ciuni to get new estimates that would expand the amount of curb repairs.

Tree Side Landscaping Company

Council awarded a bid for the 2010 tree planting to Tree Side Landscaping Company. Service Superintendent Christopher Vild explained he had asked for bids that could be extended to 2011, thus saving the city money and receiving slightly larger trees. After receiving six bids he recommended this company’s bid of $42,080. The company would plant 42 species at an average cost of $165 per tree.

Vehicle for refuse collection

Council passed a motion to advertise for bids for a stock scooter-like vehicle for refuse collection. City mechanics said the $20,000 in the budget for a new scooter was insufficient. They were confident that they could retrofit a stock scooter within the budget to meet the city’s needs. A new scooter, with no retrofitting needed, was estimated to cost $23,000 to $24,000.

Overpayments for Cleveland water

Finance Director Jennifer Esarey discovered overpayments for Cleveland water between November 2008 and February 2010 due to expenses not having been filed correctly. The city will receive a reimbursement of $67,000.

Arbor Day tree planting

A special tree planting ceremony will take place April 30 on Fenwick Road to celebrate Arbor Day. The planting will begin at 11 a.m.; then the event will move into the library. May 7 would be the rain date.

Relay for Life

Councilman Frank Consolo reminded residents that the Relay for Life will take place Sunday, April 25, and that the University Heights Fire Department will have a team.

LWV observer: Carol Gibson.

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