Thank you, KÓrstin!


On Sept. 18, the mailman brought the mail to my gallery just like any other day. But, this time, something very special was delivered to me. It was a card from Kàrstin with $25 cash enclosed. There was no last name or return address.

Kàrstin’s message was as follows:

“Dear Abrash, 

Walking to Stone Oven Saturday morning I noticed that the pot outside your door was broken. Please accept this contribution toward another. I like having you in the neighborhood! 


Approximately a week before this card arrived, a group of high school kids had a fight in front of my gallery and broke the large pot I had displayed outside. I found out what happened from a police officer who was kind enough to call and inform me. He was at the scene, but did not know who was exactly responsible.

When I read Karstin’s card my eyes filled with tears and my heart with grace. 

Thank you, my anonymous friend! Your kindness is immensely appreciated. Such class acts make a difference, for individuals and communities, and for the future of Heights!

Tuba Gokoglu, owner of Abrash

2150 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 11:00 AM, 12.01.2010