RTA rapid station

RTA wants to build a new station at the bottom of Cedar Hill. This is being touted as "the Gateway to The Heights."

I am having difficulty understanding why it takes $1 million to plan a new station and another $10 million to build it. There is also a new station being built on the west side for $9.5 million. Why does it take a Taj Mahal to board a bus or rapid train?

Many years ago there was a fairly substantial revamping of the entire rapid system. It seemed to be forgotten, however, that people who ride the Green and Blue Lines might go to Cleveland Hopkins Airport. As a result, one needs to change trains at either East 34th Street or the Terminal Tower which is incredibly inconvenient, especially if one has luggage.

Why not take some of the incredible amount of money that RTA, with its declining service and ridership, seems to have and rebuild the platforms so that one can ride the Green and Blue Lines to the airport?

Richard A. Hollis

Fairmount Boulevard

Cleveland Heights

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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 5:02 PM, 07.27.2009