University Heights Garden Club seeks members

Gina Keeler appreciates gardens. Photo by Anita Kazarian
Full time jobs, families, hobbies and beautiful gardens. How do some people do it?

Gina Keeler of Saybrook Road, University Heights, makes it look easy. When Gina invited me to her backyard at the Saybrook Block Party, I expected to see a typical garden with pretty flowers. What I saw was a small space charmed, cajoled, sprinkled with magic dust and turned into a mini version of an estate garden. Part illusion, part choice of plants, but mostly imaginative love of flowers and gardens.

Keeler, a professional working at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, wants to meet fellow gardeners to share plants, cutting, ideas and to form a University Heights Garden Club. Interested? Contact me at and we will help organize the first meeting of the University Heights Garden Club.

Anita Kazarian is a resident of University Heights and is a candidate for UH city council this fall.

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Volume 2, Issue 7, Posted 10:26 AM, 07.26.2009