What's up at Horizon?

If you’ve walked by the Horizon Montessori School recently, you may have asked "What are they doing over there?" or perhaps you’ve wondered "Why is that crane at the school?" Well, here are the answers.

Horizon Montessori School is undergoing a major renovation of its exterior on both the Mayfield Road and Newbury Drive facades. Among the new features are a 15-foot shingled, pitched roof with an illuminated cupola and functional bell; a 27-foot shingle-covered entry at Newbury Drive; new siding and brickwork; and new, energy-efficient windows.

The renovation began on June 1 and the crane arrived on June 19. Architect, John Roush, and building contractors, Bleick and Kessler, expect to complete the job by summer’s end. Meanwhile, Horizon’s director invites the public to walk by, smile and wave, and watch the progress!

Diane Roberto is the director of Horizon Montessori School which was founded in 1973.  

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Volume 2, Issue 7, Posted 2:39 PM, 06.23.2009