"Trashpooling" would save the city money

I would like to make a suggestion that would reduce the time, effort, and cost needed to collect our city's trash.  It could be done on a volunteer basis, and it would save the city lots of money, both in manpower and in truck-related costs.

I like to think of it as "Trashpooling."  Like carpooling, you get together with one or a few of your neighbors (most of our houses aren't that far apart) and put all of your trash on one tree lawn:  trash in one spot, recycling close by, and yard waste in another.  You could use one person's yard per month, quarter, year and then switch off as your group choses.  

We have lots of able bodied residents who could help out their elderly neighbors and put it on their lawns so they wouldn't have to walk too far.  If you had a lot of trash one week or the weather was really bad, then OK, go ahead and put it on your own tree lawn.  But, the rest of the time, most of us only have one or two bags a week.  A few more steps wouldn't hurt us (most of us could use a little more exercise).  The drivers would have fewer stops which would reduce their time (out in the hot and cold) and in turn reduce the gas usage and wear and tear on their vehicles.

Who knows, maybe we will even get to know our neighbors again.  I have been doing it with some of my neighbors and it seems to work.

Thanks for listening.

Cindy S.

Cleveland Heights

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Volume 2, Issue 2, Posted 10:31 AM, 01.22.2009