Keep the humor coming

To the editor:

I enjoyed Greg Donley's witty SkunkFest '09 article in the April 7 Heights Observer, with its polyglot puns Anna Roma, Witold Nostrille, Urs Tench, and Linnae Dégouté. "Now that's somebody clever enough to work at someplace like a museum," I told myself. His story may alert us to the many other puns in the news, including a V.P. who's Bidin' his time, a crook who Made Off with the money, and a president whom we overeducated liberals instinctively liked because his name backwards is amabo, Latin for "I'll love 'im."

I look forward to more reports from Mr. Donley on our Heights critters — our dear deer, shipments of chipmunks, don't spare us the sparrows, maybe even a rabbit (German: Hase).


Robert Haas

Carver Road

Cleveland Heights

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 1:40 PM, 04.15.2009