Celebrate 1.20.09 at the Grog Shop

Celebrate 1.20.09 at the Grog Shop
2785 Euclid Heights Blvd. at Coventry Rd. in Cleveland Heights
Yes We Did!
We surely did. This day has been a long time coming... so join your friends
and neighbors to celebrate its arrival at Coventry Village’s Big Bouncing
Inaugural Ball! Things get started about 7 pm. All ages welcome.
Bring a dish with international flair for the “Global Potluck”.
Bring your kids. Bring your parents. Bring campaign mementos and photos.
We’ll have live entertainment as well as TV coverage and Obama video.
The Grog Shop’s fine beverage selection is available for purchase.
Admission is FREE but bring nonperishable food or cash to donate to the Heights
Emergency Food Center.
Organized by Coventry friends and neighbors.
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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 9:28 AM, 01.15.2009