Simple steps to get organized in 2010

Overwhelmed by too much paper or too much stuff? Don’t know where to start to clean up your home or office? 

January is National Get Organized Month, and Organizing 4 U has some simple tips on how to achieve your New Year’s resolution of becoming more organized.

Start Small. Choose a small area, a drawer or cupboard. Clear out the contents and clean the space so it is ready for things to be returned to that area.

Identify Categories. Determine the desired use for the space you just cleared out. For example, should the former junk drawer remain a junk drawer; or would it be better served for supplies such as pens, pencils, tape, etc.? Once the decision is made, sort out the items that will return to the space and think about where the other items can go. Throw out or donate items that are no longer useful to you. Sorting is a wonderful way to help decide if you really need it.

Maximize the use of your space. Do you lack good closet space or attic space for storage? Maximize the use of limited space through the use of shelving and book cases. This use of vertical space applies to bare walls, closets and basements. Use plastic tubs or file boxes that can be stacked on the floor or placed on shelves. Most households have underutilized available vertical space. Look around. What a great way to find storage you never knew you had.

Put things away. After discarding the items you no longer wish to keep, it is time to put everything away. Finding new “homes” for some items may require some thought. Think about where you will use these items and where you would first look when you needed them. The key to being organized is knowing where to find things when you need them. Be sure to keep similar items together, such as light bulbs and batteries. This way, you will know at a glance when you are low on these products.

Enjoy. It is now time to sit back and enjoy your clutter-free surroundings. Be sure to schedule a brief period of time each week to put things back in their proper places in order to maintain your newly-organized home or office.

Muffy Kaesberg and JoEllen Salkin are the owners of Organizing 4 U. Contact them at

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