University Heights is our city; don't hand over the controls to an administrator

Until the last vote is cast on Nov. 3, I will encourage residents to vote NO to changing our city government from an accountable-to-voter Mayor-Council to a less accountable and unnecessary City Administrator form. I find it intriguing to hear current council members support a change which ultimately gives the council more power and less accountability, while at the same time arguing that an Administrator is needed to handle the day to day operations of the city. This city does not need additional management, it needs leadership.

There is something backwards about a body recognizing a lack of ability to deal with challenges that lie ahead, and at the same time argue that the same body has the vision and ability to meet those challenges. Councilman Simms recently wrote an editorial in which he stated, "Given the economic and political realities of our region, cities can no longer afford the indulgence of inefficient operations, lapses in focus, or a failure to plan."

Is this what has been going on in University Heights under the current council? If not, what was the point of those comments other than to, in my opinion, persuade voters to give the city council more authority and less responsibility for decisions. 

I think it is important to know your own limitations. As such, if members of council feel they do not have the ability or knowledge to deal with the operations of the city, I question why they applied for the job, or even pursue positions of greater responsibility. Your current council had an opportunity over the past years to engage in finding real solutions to the problems which University Heights is facing; problems which most other communities are also facing. City Council's answer; change the charter to give the council more power and subcontract out the difficult decisions. I say City Council's answer because, the Charter Review Commission was made up of members selected by city council, not voters. Who bears the burden of this decision?  Hopefully nobody. At least the council left it up to the voters to decide.

This election season we will all hear well polished and practiced talking points outlining obscure plans, visions, ideas, and initiatives. We will hear talk about finishing what has been started and how great University Heights is and their desire to make a difference.  

I am running for city council to see your ideas through; from inception to completion. You can rely on my proven success at managing budgets, projects, and people, to deliver for you. Anyone can say what you want to hear, and for the most part that trend continues. I will be the one candidate who provides you with results. Without the knowledge and experience from a career which demands expectations are exceeded, plans and ideas are worth as much as the piece of paper upon which they are written.

I am the candidate for city council who has the knowledge and experience to provide you results.  My professional career demands results, not promises and platitudes. 

Vote for Rick Adante on Nov. 3. Vote NO to the University Heights Charter amendments.

Please visit for more information.

Rick Adante lives in University Heights on Fenwick Road and is running for city council in the November 2009 election. 

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 4:06 PM, 10.09.2009