Cedar Lee parking garage is inefficient

My husband and I are stalwart supporters of the Cedar Lee Theatre and shopping area. Over the holiday, we went to see a movie. Our enthusiasm was almost dashed when we encountered a long line of people trying to pay for parking in the parking garage. It took almost a half-hour just to get a parking ticket, only to repeat this process at the cinema. Having only one machine in each stairwell is ridiculous and creates a bottleneck. At least the parking garage should have a machine on each floor for consumers to pay quickly and get on their way.

Any major new releases will attract a large volume of customers to the cinema, all attempting to park in the garage. Something needs to be done or it will prove necessary to simply go elsewhere. It's also very cold to stand in line in the winter in the garage. Some elderly folks were clearly having difficulties, which delayed the rest of the line.  Tempers were frayed. This is not a system designed to help people utilize the area!  

Carol Lesli-Hosticka

University Heights

Editor's note: The City of Cleveland Heights has authorized purchase of a third parking machine for the Cedar Lee garage.

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Volume 2, Issue 2, Posted 9:07 AM, 01.09.2009