Heights citizens vote for the status quo

Citizens voting in both the Cleveland Heights and University Heights local elections affirmed the status quo.

Voters in University Heights rejected the charter ammendment that would have created the position of city administrator and redefined the roles and responsibilities of the mayor and city council. They also rejected the ammendment that would have made the Charter Review Commission a part of the city's charter and required it to periodically review the charter.

In the University Heights mayor's race, Susan Infeld, who was against changes to the charter that would have created the city administrator position, soundly defeated Frank Consolo, who was one of its primary proponents.

was not reelected.Incumbent Frankie Goldberg, who, in the end, did not come out strongly for the charter amendments, was reelected. And voters elected newcomers Philip Ertel, who opposed the creation of a city administrator, and Susan Pardee, who served on the Charter Review Commission and voted to approve the charter amendments. Incumbent Peter Bernardo was not reelected. Bernardo favored nine out of ten of the charter amendments; he did not favor the creation of a city administrator,

In Cleveland Heights, all three incumbents were relected to city council: Ed Kelley, Bonnie Caplan and Mark Tumeo. Voters elected Cheryl Stephens, who had been previously served as the City of Cleveland Heights' director of planning and development, to the open spot created by Council Member Nancy Dietrich's decision not to seek reelection.

Voters reelected both incumbents to the board of education: Kal Zucker and Ron Register. They elected newcomer Karen Gorman-Jones to the spot vacated by Mike Cicero.

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Volume 2, Issue 11, Posted 12:54 PM, 11.04.2009