Why canít University Heights residents have an open forum?

Since September residents have been asking the University Heights City Council, the Mayor and the appointed Charter Review Commission to schedule an open forum to seek resident input prior to revising the City Charter and changing the form of government. Regretfully, the many requests have been ignored. Why must UH residents wait so long to express their views?

Concerned Citizens for University Heights, a group formed in October, recommended that council delay the CRC’s organizational meeting for six months to provide ample time for open forums. No response was received.

Although some residents have commented at the council and CRC meetings, notification has been inadequate. The city has e-mail for about 500 of our 14,000 residents, many do not subscribe to the Sun Press and not all read the city newsletters delivered by the rubbish men. If the city can afford to pay consultants to study the issue, money can be found to send first class mail to taxpayers.

It is apparent that what residents think doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, unnecessary divisiveness, hostility and anger have occurred as a result of the delay in scheduling a broadly publicized open forum.

I believe that input from the many residents who have contributed greatly to the growth and development of the city is as important as input from paid consultants. 

Concerned Citizens has been advised publicly that residents will have a chance to vote on the Revised Charter. And a discussion has been held for the past few weeks about scheduling an open forum. However, as of this writing, no specific date has been announced. Why must UH taxpayers wait?

Sarah M. Wilder, PhD., is a co-convener of the Concerned Citizens for University Heights.


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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 11:36 AM, 04.03.2009