Will Smith visits Open Doors

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  • Front (Left to Right): Will Smith, Eli Stone-Harlan, Eighth Grader. Back: Taylor Reynolds, Open Doors alumna, high school sophomore.  Photo by Chela Crinnion.
  • Will Smith poses with Annemarie Grassi, executive director of Open Door Academy. Photo by Chela Crinnion.
  • Open Doors Acacemy students and alumni pose with Will Smith.
  • Will Smith shares his life experiences and advice during a community meeting about peer pressure.  Front (left to right): Taylor Edmondson, eighth grader; Adria Adams, alumna, high school junior; Will Smith; Eli Stone-Harlan, eighth grader. Back (left to right): Michael Mackie-Kwist, alum, high school senior; Courtney Martin, alumna, high school senior; Ajia Mason, alumna, high school sophomore; Lydia Craddock, alumna, high school sophomore; Lorin Smith, alumna, high school sophomore; Erika Alexander, alumna, high school sophomore.  Photo by Chela Crinnion.
  • During Will's visit students engage in a community meeting on peer pressure.  Charlie McCoy, alum, high school sophomore; Abra Said, mediation facilitator; Dwight Williams, alum, high school senior.  Photo by Chela Crinnion.
  • Will Smith greets students.  From left to right: Will Smith; Taylor Reed, eighth grader; Gary Montfort, eighth grader; Gabe Dabney, sixth grader; Phylicia Delic, alumna, college freshman. Standing: Steven Bell, visitor.  Photo by Chela Crinnion.
  • Students with cameras poised get ready for the arrival of the surprise guest. Top: Jessica Klein, sixth grader; Halle Allam, sixth grader.   Photo by Chela Crinnion.
  • Will Smith's bus is parked outside St. Paul's Episcopal Church.  Photo by Chela Crinnion.
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