Rainbow peace ministry prays for East Cleveland

Sister Marietta Rohr, a Sister of Charity of St. Augustine and a Cleveland Heights resident, was inspired to found the Rainbow Peace Ministry, united hearts in prayer for the city of East Cleveland. Sr. Marietta ministered for nine years in East Cleveland and wanted to continue loving and blessing the city in a powerful way.

Strangers and friends, who also held a special love for the people and city of East Cleveland, listened to Sister Marietta’s vision and strongly encouraged her to follow through in developing this movement. Her own religious community leadership believed in her dream and offered financial support to promote it. Within a brief time an advisory committee was established to provide insights and energy.

“Already there are hundreds of individuals and small groups of people who have promised their dedication to pray daily or regularly for God’s blessings of light, love, and healing upon this entire city,” says Sr. Marietta.

She says that this is a ministry that takes only as much time as one wishes to give. The choice of prayer, its length, the place and time are completely up to the one who is willing to embrace this cause in his or her heart. For each member or family, a unique card is available as a permanent reminder of one’s desire and commitment to pray for the city of East Cleveland. Some have chosen to place the card on the dining table or in the car. Sister suggests just a simple heartfelt prayer, such as, 'God bless East Cleveland,' or 'Loving God, bless East Cleveland with your light, love, and healing.' "These are powerful prayers,” she adds.

Sr. Marietta believes that goodness has an ever expanding effect in our universe. This ministry, she feels, is a way of sending positive messages that promote the power of peace mutually, for ourselves as well as for others. “So as you bless the city of East Cleveland with heartfelt prayer, you and your city will also be blessed,” says Sr. Marietta.

She believes that as the movement of prayer is taken seriously by more and more people, it will grow as a powerful means of blessings for the four Catholic parishes in East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights that have been clustered as part of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese's consolidation plan, along with supporting the ministries of the East Cleveland Concerned Pastors and their congregations. "Their ministries of similar focuses will be strengthened. Everyone in East Cleveland will be blessed,” she says.

Sr. Marietta hopes to someday have a very special Spirit Day event in which all Rainbow Peace Ministry members will be invited to come together to appreciate one another, pray together, and learn more about the city of East Cleveland, Cleveland Heights' neighbor.

To become a member or obtain information, contact Sr. Marietta at 216-321-4502.

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Volume 1, Issue 8, Posted 12:07 PM, 10.21.2008