A Return to Overlook Road: Cleveland Heights' Real Millionaires' Row

A mansion on Overlook Road, Cleveland Heights' real millionaires' row.

On Thursday evening Oct. 16, join the Cleveland Heights Historical Society and the Landmark Commission of Cleveland Heights for a "Return to Overlook Road: Cleveland Heights' Real Millionaires' Row."

Travel back almost 100 years for a virtual walk down a Cleveland Heights street that was widely known for its architectural splendor, humungous, hubris-infused habitats, a well known (and still thriving) college, a U.S. Senator's residence, and our city's most sensational murder (home of the victim and, many believe, his assailant), and wall-to-wall wealth. Chris Roy, president of the Cleveland Heights Historical Society, will be your host, narrator and virtual tour guide.

The event begins at 7:00 p.m. at the Cleveland Heights Historical Center, the Superior Schoolhouse (corner of Euclid Heights Boulevard & Superior Rd). Reservations are required. Call 216-291-4878. Admission is free but seating for the presentation is limited to 50 people. Parking is available at the Cumberland Pool Parking lot. Handicapped and special needs parking is provided at the Schoolhouse.

Mazie Adams is a Cleveland Heights Historical Society trustee.

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Volume 1, Issue 7, Posted 10:17 PM, 09.21.2008