Heights Youth Club is a good time for kids

The Heights’ Youth Club is a place where younger and older kids can expand their mind. The Heights’ Youth Club means a lot to a lot of children of all kinds. One of the directors that makes sure most kids are involved is Mrs. Williams. For me, basketball was my escape - that’s when I met another director, Jeff Haynes, who told me about the new basketball team they were beginning to start. I slowly made my name to the top of the ladder. Sometime in the future I would love to play for Roscoe Morgan’s team - Mr. Morgan is the club’s director. So really if not for the Heights’ Youth Club I probably would be incarcerated somewhere doing things that would never cross my mind.

So, the experience that I’ve had with the Heights’ Youth Club has always been brilliant. In ending, the Heights’ Youth Club means so much for me and more than likely a lot of other kids who are trying to have a good time.

Tylynn Alexander is a 14 year old Heights resident and member of the Heights Youth Club.

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Volume 1, Issue 9, Posted 12:45 PM, 11.19.2008