"Green" wines?

It is getting easier to find affordable green wines, and these are nice: 

2007 Green Bridge Zinfandel

This red wine from Paso Robles (halfway between L.A. and San Francisco), is one of the growing numbers of organic wines available.

Zinfandel is an all American grape. While DNA studies suggest it has roots in Croatia, the grape was brought over in the 1800’s by Italian immigrants and planted heavily in California. Its name is now synonymous with the golden state. Zinfandels come in many styles, from extreme fruit bombs to those that have more balance.

Green Bridge is in the second category. While it has plenty of fruit the overall experience is more restrained. It is an inoffensive wine that would be great at parties as it would entertain a majority of red wine drinkers. From its pretty purple and ruby coloring to the cherry fruit flavors, it provides a nice, easy drink that can be sipped alone or with food. It's not a wine that is going to impress anyone, but then again at $9 a bottle at Whole Foods, it isn’t going to hurt your wallet too badly either.

2007 Pircas Negras Torrontes

This organic wine is grown at 3,500 foot elevations in Argentina. The grape is Torrontès, which will become more popular in the next few years. Buy one now and impress your friends when they start seeing them everywhere.

The wine is slightly sweet in nature. Perhaps it is just the fruit (it may have been vinified dry). The wine sips easily by itself or can be served with lighter foods. There are lovely peach and floral flavors, but also a bit of acidity which allows it to stand up to some food. Your white wine-loving friends will want to know where you bought it. This was $10 at Whole Foods.

Loren Sonkin is an attorney who dreams of traveling the world visiting wineries. He lives and works in Cleveland Heights and is a regular contributor to www.IntoWine.com.

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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 11:57 AM, 12.17.2008