CH residents organize to save flower baskets

Cleveland Heights residents Ruth Anna Carlson and Dianne Hunt have organized to raise money to fund flower baskets for the city. In previous years the city had installed 120 hanging flower baskets at gateways, major streets, the pathways through Cain Park and commercial areas throughout the city. City employees had watered them daily. Eight of the baskets had hung along Cedar Hill, marking the entrance to the city. The program was cut from the city budget after the defeat of a proposed income tax increase in March 2008.

$50,000 is needed to fund all 120 baskets. $10,560 would go towards purchasing the baskets and the balance would go towards watering and maintenance. The baskets require daily watering.

Although the city has cut its program, the Cedar-Fairmount, Coventry and Cedar-Lee Special Improvement Districts will continue their planting programs. Cedar-Lee plans to install 50 baskets throughout its commercial district.

Residents hope to raise at least $5,130, which would cover the cost of the eight Cedar Hill baskets, and perhaps enough to cover the entire 120.

Once the money is raised, the city of Cleveland Heights will place an order for the flowers and contract for watering services. "An installation date will depend on when we are able to place an order and when the vendor is able to deliver them," says Bob Downey, city manager.

For more information or to make a donation, contact Ruth Anna Carlson at 216-231-7250.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 10:29 PM, 05.17.2008