We are the new bail bondsmen

In 2008 millions of us woke up to our new business: bail bondsmen.

But, we forgot to hold collateral against the bond of $75 billion to the financial tycoons.

We also forgot to ask the automotive giants in Detroit for collateral for the first bond of $15 billion. Our elected representatives have more giants in line waiting for us to “bailout.”

And I think that some of our money will become the campaign donations of tomorrow.

Enough! We want hard collateral for our efforts; we do not want to be bail bondsmen.

Enough! This is a scam, a hold-up, on their part. These individuals who made bad business decisions can even jump bail and not be touched by a bounty hunter.

The little shops in Cleveland Heights and University Heights come and go. They only stay if they fill a need we have in our community efficiently.

When was the last time you went into that store that sold only igloo making ice saws and gave them bundles of your own money, so they can keep their doors open for business? You gave them no money, because you understand the rules; why don’t our representatives?

Anita Kazarian

University Heights

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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 7:18 AM, 12.11.2008