Coventry School Study Committee Meets Tuesday

The second meeting of a six meeting schedule for the Coventry School Study Committee is scheduled for Tuesday, March 18, at 6:30 p.m, at the CHUH Board of Education Building, 2155 Miramar Boulevard in University Heights. On the agenda are professional evaluations from architectural, development, and municipal experts regarding the building’s viability and future use. The 19 member committee, selected by the Superintendent’s office and the Board of Education, is charged with researching potential for the building and coming to a consensus recommendation of one, or several, best uses by May 20th.


Although the meetings are open to the public they are working meetings for the committee and, as such, do not allow public comment. About 20 citizens attended the first meeting on March 3rd at the Coventry School. William Wendling, facilitator of the committee, indicated at that time that as they zero in on “2 or 3 recommendations that seem viable we will set up an opportunity to have a deeper engagement [with the public] at that time".


To gather early public input as the committee does its work Mr. Wendling encouraged all committee members to reach out to their constituencies, keep a diary of such interactions, and report these interactions at each committee meeting. He also announced that the District’s web site,, would have an area devoted to updating the public on the process and soliciting public input. [Note: As of the posting of this article this is not available.]


The first meeting provided an introduction to the physical space and its issues, committee introductions, background about the school district’s previous discussion regarding future use, and goals for the work of the committee. Mr. Wendling reminded committee members that although each might have his or her own agenda for future use it was in the best interest of the community that they work together to objectively identify the best course of action for the District.


Tuesday’s meeting is being held at the Board of Education building in University Heights at the suggestion of Superintendent Deb Deslisle, who indicated that it would provide easy access to resources the committee may desire during their discussions. The committee is looking into holding upcoming meetings at the Coventry Library.

Sarah Wean is a resident of the Coventry neighborhood.

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