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Events for Saturday, September 7, 2019

Rock of Faith Benefit Concert
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
The Rock of Faith is a musical journey of the soul. It began as the story of Carole Negusí personal recovery from addiction and her transformation into a relationship with God. Today it speaks to the journey of many addicts and alcoholics and the reality of the disease of addiction and how it destroys the heart and soul of a person. The journey starts in the beginning when using drugs becomes the love of your life and everything seems wonderful until it isnít anymore. After years of using drugs and alcohol, the disease of addiction takes you into the black hole of hopelessness and despair to a place that you donít think you can ever get out of. Using the lyricís from songs like ď I Fell in Love with the Devil by Avril Lavigne to Cocaine by Eric Clapton Carole takes the audience into the hole with her and then through the journey as the addict struggles to get their life back. The struggle is real as you feel torn between evil and spiritual enlightenment and then finally into recovery. This show is performed by many talented musicians from the Cleveland area offering their time and talent for a cause that affects almost every family in the country. The music covers many different genres from the 60ís to current classic rock song today so there something for everyone to enjoy.

Tickets Available from $10-$20.

Proceeds benefit Stella Maris.
First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland

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