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Events for Saturday, February 2, 2019

HCC Workshop: Recognizing Privilege and Bias in Your Community
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Join Heights Community Congress and the wider community for this 4-hour workshop during which we will wrestle with these questions and much more.

The recent Cleveland Heights branding survey confirmed what Heights Residents have long known to be true, “diversity stands out as the most valued characteristic” of this community.

But what does diversity really mean and how do we embrace this vital characteristic every day?

During our time together we will define and differentiate between diversity and inclusion, and discuss privilege and its impact in the community. This workshop, facilitated by our partners at Compass Consulting, will involve personal reflection and corporate sharing so that we can identify our social responsibility as it relates to the impacts of privilege in our fair city.

Soup, salad and drinks will be provided for lunch and snacks will be available.

This workshop will be limited to 50 participants so we can maximize our personal connections! Please register soon. To register you can visit www.heightscongress.org or you can call the HCC office at 216.321.6775.

Heights Library ~ University Heights Branch
13866 Cedar Road University Heights, OH 44118

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