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Events for Sunday, April 9, 2017

Prayer Meeting Revival 2017
3:15 PM
You are cordially invited to attend the 9th annual radical and revolutionized
Prayer Meeting Revival 2017
Friday, April 7th thru Sunday, April 9th
3565 Mayfield Rd. (auditorium) in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Hi! This is Pastor Monique Faith Worship from Prophetic Praise and Worship Ministries International. There will be mighty warrior intercessors coming from every corner to join in with us for this life changing Revival! I would love if you would be one of those to join in. God spoke to me earlier this year and said “This is the year to bridge the gap between generations”. I would especially like you to share this invitation with your intercessory teams, young adults and pillars of your ministry and of course your family. Fill a bus, catch a flight come on and get here. Feel free to contact our office ahead of time to let us know you will be joining us. Friday, April 7th @7 pm (all white night); Saturday, April 8th @10 am (Brunch included in registration); Saturday, April 8th @7 pm (fight night); Sunday, April 9th @ 3:15 pm (day of Victory). You can GO NOW to our website and register! All services are free and open to the public. I look forward to you being with us for the entire weekend. For additional information contact our office @ 216-245-5142.

Lutheran East (auditorium)
3565 Mayfield Rd.
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118
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Beyond Boundaries
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
An evening of world music, improv & storytelling--fFeaturing vocalist Amanda Powell, Howie Smith on sax, Dave Morgan on bass, and Anne Wilson on keyboard, and the Forest Hill Church Chancel Choir

Forest Hill Presbyterian Church
3031 Monticello Blvd (at Lee)
Cleveland Heights 44118
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